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Aster Series Chrysantella

Professional series for cutting. The latest direction in selection and quality of asters obtained from seeds. A combination of the quality and durability of chrysanthemum and the charm of aster. For the first time we present a group united not only by common botanical features, but also by impressions, feelings, associations.

Unusual, delicate colors

The series is represented mainly by rare pastel colors. Most of the shades are more characteristic of a cut chrysanthemum and are unusual for asters. Such colors will not leave anyone indifferent.


Special quality for bouquets

Chrysantella is a powerful plant with a Y-type bush 60-80 cm high. The stem is thick and hard, actively forms second-order peduncles, which produce 10-15 flowers per bush. This allows you to get high-quality cut for bouquets.


Decoration for any holiday

With a bouquet of Chrysantella, you can safely come to September 1 and to the wedding.


Fantastic density of inflorescences

Magnificent form with a very showy large flower, which is a dense basket from hemispherical to spherical shape, with a diameter of 12 to 15 cm. The petals are boat-shaped, bent towards the center, very hard, therefore, the flowers are not damaged by rain.


Amazing cut resistance

The quality and density of these flowers allows them to stay fresh for a long time in the water, much longer than most other cut plants.

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