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satimex QUEDLINBURG GmbH continues the best traditions of the famous Quedlinburg/Germany seed breeding from earlier centuries in a modern company of the 21st century.
Our enterprise offers a competitive assortment of vegetable, flower, and herb seeds for professional growers. Since 2003, the tasks of new and maintenance breeding of the most important crops are carried out by our own breeding unit.
The assortment for professional growers gets completed by seeds of hybrids and high-performance varieties of capable breeding partners in Germany and abroad as well as by cuttings and seedlings of the most popular ornamental plants.

Furthermore, we have at our disposal an almost complete seed and planting material program for packaging companies working with pictorial seed bags and other items for amateur gardeners. These are first of all the famous Quedlinburg specialties for hobby gardeners like Tomato Harzfeuer F1 (syn. Gemini F1 in Scandinavia), cucumber Saladin F1, radish Korund in vegetables or in flowers the “Harzaster”, “Krallenaster”- and Paeony- “Turm”-Aster-series, the Antirrhinum “Lampion F1”, further the famous Quedlinburg strains of Viola “Schweizer Riesen”, “Pirnaer” or the world´s best fragrant Matthiola incana. But the bulk seed assortment contains also a wide range of popular European standard varieties in vegetable, flower, and herb seeds as well as flower bulbs, set onions, mushroom planting material, and lawn seeds.

Of course, it is our service too to provide our clients with consulting and all kinds of materials and equipment for the seed industry well as the cultivation of vegetables and ornamental plants.

Basics of the successful development of our enterprise in the past years were:

  • concentration of the own breeding on the most important cultures of our main markets

  • an intense screening in the main cultivation regions of our own and the partner´s varieties in comparison with the world assortment to filter out competitive alternatives to the current market leaders

  • consistent quality controls on the seed production fields and in our own laboratory

  • competent and highly motivated employees as well as a modern warehousing and logistics for flexible reacting on the customers requirements

Against this background, we invite all our previous and potential new customers to get to know our whole offer and to send us your wishes and questions. Please note that Satimex sells seeds only in bulk or professional packages to wholesalers and professional growers. If you are interested in pictorial bags for retail sale or your own home garden, please apply to our partners among the seed bag packaging companies.

Our events

As you already know, Satimex QUEDLINBURG GmbH celebrating its anniversary this year – 25 years of impeccable work for the benefit of our customers and the continuation of the unique tradition of growing seeds.

We presented to give our guests and residents of our town a piece of the holiday – our great employees came to the marketplace of Quedlinburg, to please the people with asters, which were produced and bred within the walls of our company.

We shared our great mood and tried to present our Aster assortment.


Our Achievements and Social Participation


The mission of our company is to work not only for our own benefit but also for the benefit of others. All our partners are equal for us, regardless of their nationality, religion, or gender. Therefore, we strive to help those who need our help within the framework of humanitarian programs with the provision of voluntary donations as support.
We received a diploma in recognition and gratitude for our contribution from the international Rotary Club.

In anticipation of our 25th-anniversary celebration, we remember the history of the development of our company. Representatives of the Satimex company very often took part in various exhibitions dedicated to the development of agriculture and seed production.
Our diplomas are a reminder of our many and wonderful meetings with our wonderful business partners, colleagues, and friends.

Looking Back: A quarter of a century of SATIMEX Quedlinburg GmbH.

In the early 1990s, many state-owned breeding and seed companies in the former GDR were privatized. One such successful company was founded by Hartmut Klein in 1996.

The mission of the company is to support tried and tested varieties and to create new ones for modern seed production. Thanks to the hard work of our employees over the past 25 years and new innovative methods, our company has become one of the leading seed breeding companies.

Our extensive range of products, including bio-seeds, is the result of many years of successful work by an experienced, hereditary breeder and seed producer, Mr. Eike Kampe. Seeds of satimex QUEDLINBURG GmbH are in great demand, a guarantee of quality, and a guarantee of success for professionals.

We supply products to horticultural companies all over the world. Approximately 60 to 70 percent of our deliveries are concentrated in Eastern Europe, but also in the USA and Japan, Iraq and Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.  For each region, we produce the most suitable varieties for the respective climatic zone.

Nowadays mini balcony plants are becoming more and more popular. Satimex QUEDLINBURG GmbH follows the spirit of the times and also specializes in breeding vegetable and flower crops in the mini segment. We are very proud and happy to present our unique mini aster variety Bambina, which took about eight years to breed.

This year the company QUEDLINBURG is celebrating its 25th anniversary. We are glad that over the years we have developed a great friendly relationship with our partners and customers. 

With all our heart we would like to thank our employees, who started small and were at the origins of the formation, helped the development and growth of the company, as well as our young international team for their daily work, collaboration, and support in fulfilling our mission.

It is important for us to have support and recognition from the authorities of the city of Quedlinburg, the historical homeland of the origin of seed production.
We were honored to receive congratulations on our 25th anniversary from the Burgomaster of the city of Quedlinburg, Mr. Frank Ruch.
We express our deep heartfelt gratitude for the congratulations on our anniversary.

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