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Since 2004, the company Satimex Quedlinburg Züchtersaaten GmbH and, after the merger, the company Satimex QUEDLINBURG GmbH has been offering seeds from recognized ecological production for our ecologically managed customers. This enables us to provide organic seeds for herbs of excellent quality. The organic herbal seeds offered are also available as conventional and untreated seeds. The delivery is possible in small quantities as well as in larger quantities, depending on the customer’s wishes.
The company satimex Quedlinburg GmbH is certified by the Ecological inspection authority (Ökoprüfstelle e. V). Bio code number: DE-ÖKO-021.

Assortment of organic seeds

Organic basil Red

Organic Thyme

Organic basil Bodo

Organic Stevia

Organic Dill

Organic Tarragon

Organic Sage

Lemon balm


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