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Young plants

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Young plants

In the context of its complete program for the professional gardening, Satimex is also offering young plants of the most important ornamental plants for its partners in the CIS-countries and the baltic states.

Exclusive specialities from the programs of leading german ornamental plant growers give the Satimex young plants assortment an unique profile.

Our partners can order following from us:

Geranium Young Plants

From the cultivation assortment of the traditional company “PAC Elsner Jungpflanzen” in Dresden:

  • Pelargonium zonale (series “Saxonia”, “Little Lady”, “Fireworks”).
  • Pelargonium peltatum (series “Happy Face”, sorts Sybil, Tomcat and other single colours).
  • Pelargonium grandiflorum (series “Aristo”).
  • Pelargonium specialities like the series “Antik”, “Angeleyes” and “Pelgardini”.
  • Pelargonium special forms like ……………

Chrysanths Young Plants

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