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We are celebrating our 25th anniversary.

Standort Satimex

Et voilà: our new product launches tailored to customer requirements!

Flower bed aster Trobador – a special feature of the Satimex aster breeding! Trobador is the perfect summer aster for planting garden beds from May until July. The bushy plants have a height of about 50 cm. Especially interesting with Trobador is the variety of small mini flowers with a diameter of about 2 cm. One plant develops about 6-8 flower stems and produces up to 80 exotic mini flowers. Trobador produces very healthy plants with a long flowering period until the beginning of October.

Trobador Lavender AsterTrobador Purple Black AsterTrobador Bright Red AsterTrobador Pink Aster

Mini aster Bambina – an exotic player among the Satimex aster breeding in Quedlinburg! The perfect Aster for planting nice garden beds, balcony pots, and baskets. The bushy compact plants are very unique and beautiful. The plant high is 30 cm. With about 30 flower stems per plant, Bambina is producing a very high number of medium long cut flower. One plant is producing up to 150 small flowers. Bambina is flowering about a very long flower period and shows her beauty until the beginning of October.

  • Bambina Light Violet Aster
    Bambina Light Violet

We deliver the vegetable seeds for professional growers. Our breeding team realizes an intense selection program in cucumbers covering all types of pickling or salad cucumbers. Furthermore, there are our own breeding activities in cabbages, radish, carrots, tomatoes, sweet pepper, green peas, squash, and herbs. Other important species as onions, lettuce, or Southern crops are carried out within joint selection or testing projects with our partners in several important growing regions.

Melone SX -792 F1
is a special ananas form breeding type, with a salmon color flesh.
Has a small seed cavity, high Brix level, nice flavor, firm and coarse shell.
Fruit size 2,5 to 3,5 kg.
Disease resistance F-1, F-2, PM, CMV. PM powdery mildew (1 and 2), fusarium (1 and 2).
Early Maturity 65-70 days.

Squash SX- 1230 F1
is a special Iskandarani breeding type.
Cylindrical Shape Fruit. Size: 22 Cm Length and 6,3 cm Diameter. Nice shiny color.
Tolerates cold weather and performs well in warm weather.
High yield, compact plant with very short internodes. Intermediate resistance to CMV, WMV, PM.
Early maturity 38-40 days.