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Flowersseed for Aster – series Chrisantella

Flowersseed for Aster - series Chrisantella. Chrisantella by satimex Quedlinburg

A professional series of Aster cut flowers. The latest methods have been used in breeding to improve the quality of asters, which can be produced conventionally from seeds. A successful combination of quality and durability of chrysanthemums with a magic of unique cut flowers. For the first time, we present a group of association/combination not just for common botanical characteristics, but also for conveying special impressions, experiences and associations.

An atmosphere created by flowers – let the flowers speak

Unusual, Fancy and Exceptional pastel color (crème color)

This series presents rare pastel shades. Majority of these colors are traditional characteristic of the cut flowers of chrysanthemums which is quite unusual for asters flowers. These unusual special shades can not leave anyone indifferent !

Fantastic tight packed blossoms

A great flower shape with very effective large flowers representing themselves. The dense flower base has the shape of a hemisphere until ball shaped. The flower diameter is 12 to 15 cm. The petals are lancet shaped with a slight bent in the middle. Petals have a very solid structure with a positive property to reject the rainwater.

Special quality for the bouquet

The Aster Chrisanthella develops plants of enchanting shape. The pyramidal growth of the plants reaches a height of 60-80 cm with stable structure of plant stem. A single plant can produce up to 10 or 15 cut flowers. This profits growers with the opportunity to produce high quality Aster cut flowers.

Amazingly high durability of cut flowers

The special quality and firmness of these aster flowers keeps them fresh as cut flowers in the water, prominently better and longer than comparable flower species.

The decoration for special celebrations

With a bouquet of Aster Chrisantella you can go proudly and well prepared for each celebration as well as for the invited wedding celebrations.

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