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Flower seeds

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Flower seeds

The exquisite new satimex-cut aster series (Callistephus chinensis) are the highlights of our flower seed assortment. The satimex breeding team is proud to have reached by these novelties an absolutely new level with unique flower types and outstanding cut performance. There has been reached now a new peak of this very traditional flower breeding direction of Quedlinburg!

Besides this distinctive Aster assortment, we offer as bulk seeds a full range both of all popular standard varieties and some more likely rare specialties for packaging companies for home gardening.

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The flower seeds premium assortment has been compiled as the result of examining the world assortment in the demonstration fields of the leading international breeding companies and organizing our own trials in Quedlinburg and with our dealers in the target markets. Following this, we are able to recommend to the professional growers always the best suitable varieties and series for the different purposes and climatic conditions. Our professional assortment contains the already well-known „bestsellers“ as well as promising new series of cut flowers, annual and biannual balcony and bedding plants, perennials for landscape gardening, dry flowers, and room plants.

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