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New products

New products

Standort Satimex
    One of our most important values is health. We attach great importance to the health and naturalness of our products, because with our seeds we lay the foundation for a healthy harvest, without genetically modified results.
    The mission of satimex Quedlinburg GmbH is to develop new seed varieties and preserve the old, tried and tested varieties in order to ensure successful seed production. This tested seed can be purchased from us.

Melone SX -792 F1
is a special ananas form breeding type, with a salmon color flesh.
Has a small seed cavity, high Brix level, nice flavor, firm and coarse shell.
Fruit size 2,5 to 3,5 kg.
Disease resistance F-1, F-2, PM, CMV. PM powdery mildew (1 and 2), fusarium (1 and 2).
Early Maturity 65-70 days.

Squash SX- 1230 F1
is a special Iskandarani breeding type.
Cylindrical Shape Fruit. Size: 22 Cm Length and 6,3 cm Diameter. Nice shiny color.
Tolerates cold weather and performs well in warm weather.
High yield, compact plant with very short internodes. Intermediate resistance to CMV, WMV, PM.
Early maturity 38-40 days.

Salad crispy SX-890
Large-fruited, sprouts well. Iceberg lettuce with healthy dark green leaves. Protective leaf from sunburn and heavy rain. Very healthy plants over a long harvest period. Large cabbage lettuce, with crisp, appetizing leaves.

Salad crispy SX-287
The weight of the head: 600 g. Resistance to powdery mildew: 1-16, 18-26, 28-31. Leaf color: dark green. Cultivation: from spring to autumn. Absolute novelty with the latest resistance to powdery mildew; perfectly tolerates transportation.

Lettuce leaf SX-1384
A medium-early yielding variety with red-green marbled leaves. Particular resistance to heat and stress ensures high quality throughout the growing period. The ornamental compact plants are very suitable for growing in flowerbeds and balcony boxes. Resistant to diseases: Lettuce Mosaic Virus, Bremia lactuca.

Lettuce leaf SX-077
Resistance to powdery mildew: 1-16, 18-25. Leaf coloration: red-brown. Cultivation: spring-fall. Type Batavia; improvement of variety „American Brown“.

Lettuce leaf SX-1383
A very early yielding variety with dark green healthy leaves. Due to its special resistance to heat and stress, it has a high quality. It can be used throughout the growing period. Resistant to diseases: Lettuce Mosaic Virus, Bremia lactuca.

Zucchini Green, yellow and light green ball F1
Interesting rounded shape, dark green, lettuce and yellow colors, weight 0.5-1.5 kg. Early maturing (40-45 days) yielding variety. Compact powerful, bush with a short stem. Thin skin, soft, white flesh. Intended for table purposes and processing. Recommended for growing in the open ground.

Pumpkin-Rouge vif d’Etampes

Rouge vif d’Ethams
Flat, large, dark orange.

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